Trump:Clinton foreign policy would lead to World War 3

Trump:Clinton foreign policy would lead to World War 3

Donald Trump says that Clinton’s agressive policy on Syria would push Russia into World War Three

Gary Willig, 25/10/16 22:40


Trump and Clinton

Trump and Clinton

Paul Morigi/Getty Images, Joe Raedle/Getty Images via JTA

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump blasted rival Hillary Clinton’s policy on the conflict in Syria Tuesday, saying it would “lead to World War 3.”

In an interview dealing with foreign policy Trump said that defeating ISIS had to be a higher priority than removing Bashar Assad, who has been accused of massacring his own people, from power.

“What we should do is focus on ISIS. We should not be focusing on Syria.” Trump said. “You’re going to end up in World War Three over Syria if we listen to Hillary Clinton.”

Trump’s concerns about the conflict escalating to take on global dimensions stem from Russia’s increased role and presence in Syria.

“You’re not fighting Syria any more, you’re fighting Syria, Russia and Iran, all right? Russia is a nuclear country, but a country where the nukes work as opposed to other countries that talk.”

Clinton has called for a more aggressive US policy on Syria. She has said that she would create no-fly zones and safe zones for Syrian civilians, a move that could potentially put US forces in conflict with the Russian forces which are backing Assad.

Trump also criticized President Barack Obama for what he called Obama’s lack of interest in foreign policy. He said that Obama “wants to focus on his golf game” rather than engage with the leaders of other nations.

Moving away from foreign policy, Trump had harsh words for the GOP leadership, which he believes should be supporting him more than it currently is.

“The people are very angry with the leadership of this party, because this is an election that we will win 100 percent if we had support from the top. I think we’re going to win it anyway.”

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Hamas: PA doesn’t represent the Palestinian people

Hamas: PA doesn’t represent the Palestinian people

Senior Hamas official says Ramallah government lost legitimacy, parliament debates reinstating Hamas government.

Dalit Halevi, 25/10/16 08:46


Ismail Haniyeh

Ismail Haniyeh

Hamas member of parliament Ismail al-Ashkar openly questioned the legitimacy of Mahmoud Abbas’ Ramallah government.

In an interview with the Hamas newspaperFilastin, Ashkar said the “Palestinian” parliament, which has a Hamas majority, is discussing the possibility of reinstating Hamas Vice President Ismail Haniyeh as head of the government, after the Palestinian Authority’s anti-peace actions.

Ashkar said the lack of government in Gaza is unacceptable, and the Ramallah government does not represent the entire Palestinian nation. He also said Hamdallah’s government had not gained the parliament’s faith and was affected by internal strife, causing problems in the areas of electricity, education, healthcare, and payments to government workers.

He also said Ismail Haniyeh’s government was the only one that gained the faith of the parliament after Hamas won the 2006 elections

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Shin Bet nabs 11 illegal Arab infiltrators

Shin Bet nabs 11 illegal Arab infiltrators

The Shin Bet caught 11 illegal infiltrators from Judea and Samaria, including one stuffed in the trunk of a car, .

Arutz Sheva Staff, 25/10/16 19:32


Illegal infiltrator found in trunk of car      

Illegal infiltrator found in trunk of car

During operations against illegal infiltration the Shin Bet (ISA) apprehended eleven Arab infiltrators from Judea and Samaria between Highway 6 and Highway 431 near the city of Modi’in.

The infiltrators were traveling in two private vehicles when they were apprehended. One of the vehicles carried six passengers, one of whom was found in the trunk of the vehicle. The two drivers were detained for questioning and the vehicles seized.

Today the police are expected to request that the Rishon Letzion Magistrate Court extend the remands of one of the drivers, a 27 year old resident of the Negev, and three of the infiltrators, ages 28, 38, and 49.

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Rocket siren goes off in South

Rocket siren goes off in South

The ‘Color Red’ siren sounded Monday morning but no rocket strike was identified.

Arutz Sheva staff,



Hamas terrorist with domestically made M75 rocket

Hamas terrorist with domestically made M75 rocket

Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90

The “Color Red” siren for incoming rockets sounded Monday morning around 6:30 AM in several Gaza Belt communities, within the Sha’ar Hanegev region.

The siren sounded after a rocket launch from Gaza was identified.

The IDF said, however, that no rocket strike was identified on Israeli soil and that no one had been hurt.

Shortly after the alarm sounded, an IAF aircraft struck a Hamas terror infrastructure in northern Gaza. The IDF Spokesman stressed that Israel sees Hamas as being exclusively responsible for what happens in Gaza.

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Police: Knesset Members to be permitted to enter Temple Mount

Police: Knesset Members to be permitted to enter Temple Mount

According to reports, police will permit Knesset members to enter Temple Mount.

Netanel Katz, 25/10/16 20:04


Temple Mount

Temple Mount


After a year in which they have been prevented from entering the Temple Mount, a Channel 2 report Tuesday suggests that police will now recommend permitting Knesset members to enter the site.

The Jerusalem police chief presented documents to the Police Commissioner and the Defense Minister stating that there is no reason to prevent members of Knesset from visiting the Temple Mount under various conditions, including a prohibition on media coverage of their visits and of addresses on Temple Mount by members of Knesset.

The ban was issued about a year ago and media reports said it was made at the initiative of Prime Minister Netanyahu in order to cool tensions around the Temple Mount.

The directive which was received by police stated that all members of Knesset, both Jewish and Arab should be banned from entering Temple Mount.

In June it was reported that the ban would be lifted and MKs would be allowed to return to Temple Mount but due to various events which occured during the Ramadan month the ban was extended. Now it will seemingly be cancelled.

During the course of Sukkot a record number of Jews visited Temple Mount.

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ISIS terror kills 59 in Pakistan

ISIS terror kills 59 in Pakistan

Attack leaves 59, wounds more than 120 people in Pakistan.

Ido Ben Porat, 25/10/16 14:06


ISIS terrorists in Syria (file)

ISIS terrorists in Syria (file)


An ISIS terror attack on a police training college in southwestern Pakistan on Monday killed 59 people and wounded over 120 others.

The attack was carried out by three ISIS terrorists.

The terrorists shot students who were at the Balochistan college, and shortly afterwards two of the terrorists detonated explosive belts. The third terrorist was shot.

ISIS news network Amak reported the terror attack as being ISIS handiwork.

Most of those killed were trainees at the college, and others were soldiers working for the border police.

Last August, ISIS attacked a hospital in the area, killing 70 people.

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Palestinian Authority issues UNESCO ultimatum


Palestinian Authority issues UNESCO ultimatum

Jordan, PA threaten UNESCO members over upcoming vote on Jerusalem holy sites.

Nitsan Keidar, 25/10/16 13:06


Mahmoud Abbas

Mahmoud Abbas

Hadas Parush/Flash 90

The Palestinian Authority sent a letter Monday night to 21 member nations of the United Nation’s World Heritage Committee and who areset to vote Wednesday on another UNESCO decision regarding Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, and the Western Wall.

In their letter, the PA abstained from describing Israel as an “occupying power,” presumably to soften their anti-Israel stance.

While the Palestinian Authority is not a voting member of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee, Jordan has lent its backing to the PA.

In the new resolution, the name “Western Wall” which was in quotes, is now written without quotes. However, the Temple Mount is still referred to as “Al-Aqsa Haram e-Sharif” and is still recognized as an exclusively Muslim site, with no mention of the Temple Mount or its significance for Jews anywhere in the document.

However, after several countries announced they would not vote for the “Palestinian cause” this time, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan have begun to threaten the voting countries.

Political sources say the threat to change UNESCO’s decision is “an action that crosses political red lines and reeks of pressure and desperation. It’s obvious that the PA and Jordan are trying to force a consensus to which there will be no opposition, and they’re doing everything they can to push that agenda forward.”

Israeli UNESCO ambassador Carmel Shama said, “The Palestinians’ ultimatum and their threats only emphasize their position and expose them as liars and bullies. We’re making global diplomatic efforts to prevent unanimous anti-Israel agreements on Jerusalem – and this letter from the Arabs is an excellent sign that we’re moving in the right direction.

“The Arabs understand that after Mexico and Italy, they may be in for an unpleasant surprise, and they’re shouting: Stop deserting us or we’ll burn down your decision-making club with extreme anti-Israel decisions that will harm your organization in the long term,” Shama concluded.

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